Grieving When I Feel I Don’t Have A Right

I’m not the mother or father, grandparent or aunt, cousin or best friend and yet I grieve. I grieve deeply for a life that left the earth too soon for my heart to grasp. As I write this I feel distant, detached and derailed. How can this be? A child, my child’s age is gone, poof. No longer taking the space he deserved, he earned, we needed him to fill. It makes no sense and I know that. I am a professional Grief counselor, I know grief makes no sense. I know for those left behind it is not a poof. It is torture, it is despair, it is inexplicable loneliness. Again and again, I am reminded that life on earth serves a purpose and two of those is to LOVE with All of our hearts and souls and BE Present so when a poof happens we……

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