I Am Here Now

I am here now. I am here now with the intention of moving forward.

I am grateful for the tools that have gotten me this far. Grateful for my mind and its ability to think things through, Grateful for my intense focus and how it helps me get things done, grateful for being stoic and strong and courageous when life throws me curves.

I am here now and am choosing to wrap my full mind, intense focus and my ability to barrel through in beautiful packages and place them in a field of daisies
knowing they will always be a part of me and I can always call on them…….
if needed.

I am here now and I choose growth – I let go of overthinking
and leave space for my heart and intuition to guide me, I let go of intense focus and enjoy the peripheral journey – observing

the horizontal and vertical,

I let go of never being broken and welcome my cracks and
crevices as proof that I have not only survived but instead thrived.

I am
here now…

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