Inherited Generational Trauma

Inherited Generational Trauma

I specialize in connecting the individual or family to the healing process from inherited generational trauma. Generational trauma is inherited from our ancestors just like our hair color, diabetes and the need for glasses. Scientists have discovered we inherit our relative’s emotional responses to their life experiences, especially when they were unable to get the treatment they needed to heal from those traumas.

As a result-symptoms/responses such as insomnia, anxiety, bipolar disorder, addiction, depression, eating disorders, self-harm and suicide are inherited.

Why is healing from generational trauma important:

  1. An individual can hold shame and guilt when they believe they are responsible for the illnesses they have.
  2. Unless we heal using the supportive tools therapy, body awareness, meditation & spiritual practice offers we will impact future generations as we have been impacted.

Why not lighten the load and loose the weight of the traumas of past generations and heal from your life experiences too? I will partner with you and guide you through the healing journey.