Heart Space Intentions for Inner Growth

Heart Space Intentions for Inner Growth

“Beyond our ideas of wrong-doing and right-doing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass, the world is too full to talk about. Ideas, language, even the phrase ‘each other’ doesn’t make any sense.”


A desire for interconnection and the need to be needed fuels compassion in our soul.  As we search for harmony and flow within and outside of self, opportunities are provided to express and receive Compassion.  If you are searching for your Compassion compass and have a wish to increase your ability to listen to and express your heart.....contact me....

“We can see the natural hand of compassion in all the ways we try to keep ourselves from harm, in a thousand daily gestures of self-protection. ”
— Jack Kornfield, The Wise Heart


“As we honor ourselves, another will honor us.”
— LeslieGrace

C.A.R.E.. Care of self. Do you value it? Does it make a difference in your life, attitude or well-being? Of course IT does. When we self-care the body, mind & spirit hears and feels, "I am worthy of attention, love & care." The amazing part is the others that surround us hear the message too. If you desire a deeper connection and commitment to care of self......contact me....

“If then you are wise, therefore you will show yourself a reservoir and not a canal. A canal spreads abroad water as it receives it, but a reservoir waits until it is filled before overflowing, and thus, without loss to itself, it shares its super abundant water."
— Saint Bernard Clairvaux


“The pain was necessary to know the truth but we don't have to keep the pain alive to keep the truth alive.”
— Mark Nepo

Forgiveness. If you are reading this you may have a challenge with forgiveness of self, another or an experience. And yet you seek to find a way to let go, to accept, to become unburdened by the weight of holding onto fury, resentment or hate.

Forgiveness is HARD. Forgiveness is a PROCESS. Forgiveness is a GIFT to self. To begin the process and receive the gift in a non-judgmental safe place.......contact me....

“Forgiveness renews life by finishing unfinished business.”
— Stephen Levine, "A Year to Live"


“The more grateful you are, the more you get to be grateful about. It is that simple.”
— Louise Hay

Gratitude is one of the fastest ways to shift and reframe our reality and focus. Viewing our lives through the gratitude lens provides an opportunity for growth. We can move from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset instantaneously. From "why is this happening to me?" to "why is this happening for me?" Interested in expanding your gratitude lens? Contact me....I would be grateful and so will you :-)!

“Consciousness is colored by the states that visit it.”
— Buddha


“Spirituality offers us the opportunity to trust and lighten our hearts as we turn all over and let all go.”
— LeslieGrace

SPIRITUALITY, a breath of fresh air, a lightening of responsibility, an all knowing presence. When you add spirituality to the mind body equation, exciting things can happen. It brings a connection to things outside of self. Spirituality is a personal preference, it is self-defined within the parameters of the values, morals and grounding foundations we chose to have in life. Spirituality does not have to be complicated. Spirituality can be integrated into our everyday moments. Spirituality can be celebrated and shared with another. Are you wanting to explore or expand the role spirituality has in your life.....contact me.....

“Spirituality is for the Soul.”
— LeslieGrace


“Acceptance is not passive. With intention and awareness you chose to soften the resistance and allow the flow to be as it is. It is through acceptance, the part we play in the plan of the Universe is Uncovered.”
— LeslieGrace

AcCepTance. Part of acceptance or allowing the world and another to be as they are is making a conscious choice to Be Like Water, Go With the Flow and Bend just enough to let things go by. When persistence and resistance are present acceptance is not. If you want to try on or increase your water characteristics and bending abilities….contact me. The world will begin to feel softer and gentler as it hears your heart’s desires.

“O stand, stand at the window
As the tears scald and start;
You shall love your crooked neighbour
With your crooked heart.”
— W.H. Auden "As I Walked Out One Evening"


“What is not brought to consciousness, comes to us in fate.”
— Carl Jung

Have you ever driven home and not remembered doing it? Perhaps you have been part of a conversation and became distracted the moment the person uttered the first word. To be mindful requires more than the mind, it requires the whole self moving in tandem and connected in purpose. For mindfulness training contact me…..

“Mindfulness is the awareness of what is going on in us and around us in the present moment.”
— Thich Nhat Hanh


“Everybody can be great. Because anybody can serve….You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by Love.”
— Martin Luther King, Jr.

The essence of Grace. It is difficult to describe and yet when Grace surrounds us we know, we feel it and lean into it. Some believe Grace is reserved for another who is worthy, righteous or without imperfection. I challenge those beliefs. Grace is available to all of us and necessary to experience if we are to feel whole, complete....enough. Build your Grace muscle one rep at a time....contact me......

“I’m becoming more and more myself with time. I guess that’s what grace is, the refinement of your soul through time.”
— Jewel, singer & songwriter


“Being where your feet are.”

Presence, a life long teacher. This next share....I'm not sure you will understand exactly and my hope is you can be witness to my blessed experience.....here goes. The original writing for this Heartfelt Intention was lost. It disappeared between saving and posting.

The Universe challenged me last night at 2am when I was searching for those words, my first, my final pre-launch website words. I realized I had to be present to know what I needed to write. Could I be authentic and share...can I share the vision, no matter how much I know I know there is still more to know and LEARN?

I have had to be present today. I have had to let go of what I believed to be the most perfect inspirational words I could offer on a page for presence..... let them go and begin again, breathe and begin again...it is not easy to let go, relax in the moment and believe all is well, believe the next words you will put out will be better or equal for the moment and yet trusting they will be.

For presence, I got to warm up by doing the work myself and now I'm ready to be present again... thanks for listening…..and if you have a desire to be in the moment, aware of the moment before it becomes another…..contact me…

“If you want to live an amazing life, a truly abundant happy life, make it a priority to live more in the present moment. ”
— Fearless Soul