Moving from Nest Half Empty to Nest Whole Full

It has been about a year since we made the leap from nest half empty to nest whole full. Our blessed home of 18 years had been filled with three growing sons, a dog, another dog, several fish, 6 gerbils and a bearded dragon. Then in a whirlwind, tornado actually, they all were gone except the husband :-), one dog and me.

It was time to make the switch from half empty nest to nest whole full. I was constantly being asked, “how are you handling the empty nest?” “Empty nest?”, I would inquire. My nest didn’t feel empty and my life didn’t feel empty. Different, repositioned, shifted- but not empty.

I pondered for a phrase that fit my feelings about my present life circumstance and FULL NEST jumped out at me. What would my nest be full of?

How about freedom. Freedom to move about unencumbered with stuff, real and imagined. A HUGE amount of decluttering took place in advance of finding the full nest.

Fun would definitely be in my nest. Staying up late cuddling with my love and binge watching the best show ever. Well we think so :-). Huge bowls of Skinny Pop with chocolate pieces included.

Then comes Flexibility galore. The flexibility to put me first. Throw the rigidity and commuter schedules out the window.  I want my coffee hot when I want it, space for meditation and flexibility to live in the moment without worrying about the next one.

My nest. Our nest full of Freedom, Fun and Flexibility.  And continuing to burst with Love and Joy for our growing family. That feels good. That feels like moving forward in gratitude. That feels like being present and knowing, I did my best in each moment.

How will you reframe your empty?

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