Moving From Perfection to Connection

I am grateful! Moving from perfection to connection has been an incredible challenge for me and one of my greatest gifts. Perfectionism helped me fuel my belief that until I was perfect I could not be loved. Since I could never be perfect enough, I could never be loved.

Then I began to get it. Like many in this world I experienced tragedy that brought me to my knees and then another that flattened me to the ground. I was faced with a choice to peel off the armor of perfectionism to move through the experience or rust like the Tin Man. Choosing to peel off the armor was a hard choice, a scary choice and a choice with no guarantees. A choice I could not have survived unless I found Connection.

I began to understand it is through our humanness and vulnerability we connect and grow closer. Choosing to remain present with an open heart, I have experienced joy and sadness. Open hearts find unconditional love of self and others. Unconditional love requires perfectionism move out and good enough move in. Expectation move out and acceptance move in. Here’s to continuing to accept good enough with an open heart!


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