Create your healing recipe
A recipe for growth and healing

The recipe Always includes a safe,
non-judgmental, compassionate space.

Welcome to Healing & Growth

I am the founder of Graceful Transition, Honoring Healing and Growth. Graceful Transition utilizes Mind-Body-Spirit Integrative therapies, tools and practices with individuals, partners, families and groups moving through life transitions, grief & loss and traumas.

I assist clients in identifying and strengthening their core beliefs. These core beliefs become the foundation to create a balanced life style and encourage individuals to exceed expectations of self and their definition of success.

Self-limiting beliefs shift to self-enhancing beliefs.

As a social worker my professional ethical mandate includes being actively opposed to racism in all its forms-individual, interpersonal, institutional, and structural.



“Create your healing recipe”

A recipe for growth and healing. The recipe Always includes a safe, non-judgmental, compassionate space.



I am grateful you have chosen to be here today.

I am grateful for all of the life experiences I have had and especially for the amazing individuals that have walked this journey with me. I have been inspired, held, taught & guided, forgiven and loved with Grace. I am here now and my hope is you discover an awareness you didn’t have, a piece of yourself you love and want to grow or perhaps let go of that is no longer serving you. I’m Leslie Grace Craver, Licensed Masters Social Worker (LMSW), Mental Health Clinician, Crisis Counselor, Reiki Master, Grief & Loss Coach, and Experiential Workshop Facilitator. Please check out the services tab for opportunities to connect with me in-person, by phone or video chat.



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