Who am I & Why am I here

Life throws us curves. No one is immune. Over time, I have come to believe and experience that it is not the curves that cause the heart break. It is the desire to control the outcome, instead of being prepared to experience the outcome, which can have a person crumbling to the ground. To live life and to love life without fear requires a strong foundation and belief in oneself. A strong foundation that allows us to be resilient and to accept life on life’s terms.

How do we get to this place? How do we build a foundation that helps us know we are safe and can be at peace no matter what is going on around us? This question does not have a single answer. Each individual must find his or her own answers once they have taken the important first step of asking the question.

That is where I want to be. To be available when a person is asking the question, “How can I find peace, serenity and purpose when I feel my life is crumbling around me?” I want to be able to offer guidance, share my wisdom and challenge them to find their own way. It is my desire to assist them in opening their eyes and heart to the many opportunities for self-healing, for self-actualization and for finding purpose and pleasure in life.

It is not my intent to orchestrate or to plan their way but rather to be present and available to listen, support and guide them while they walk their journey. To help facilitate the process of moving from despair to hope, from fear to love, from brokenness to healing.

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