Who Will Show Up This Season Of Thanksgiving?

True Self or False Self…….Mask or Authentic Self?

Perhaps the plans have already begun. Lists are made, travel arrangements confirmed, menu reviewed and shopping almost done. Perhaps fear has grabbed on and won’t let go. Remember last year when the turkey was dry, family cancelled at the last minute and all you wanted to do was run and hide. Who needs Thanksgiving anyway?!

WE do. Gratitude grounds us and settles our soul. It helps us remember our purpose, what’s (who’s) important and the gifts of simplicity.  I’m wondering what it would feel like to begin this season with an alphabet gratitude list – yep – A to Z. I bet some letters will make you think a bit more than others and the items you are grateful for will reflect the beauty of you!  Go ahead, grab your journal and try it……I’m sharing mine below :-).

A – Angels

B- Blueberries/Blessings

C- Candles/Chocolate

D – Dirt

E – Energy

F – Friendships

G – God

H – Home/Heart

I – Independence/Intuition

J – Joe & Joe & Jessea & Joy

K- Kyle

L – Lessons

M – Meditation/Music

N – Nurses

O – Ocean

P – Popcorn/Paris

Q – Quiet

R – Rest

S – Samuel

T – Time

U – Ubuntu

V – Virtue

W – Waiting

X – Hugs

Y – You

Z – Sleep/Zeal

I’d love to see yours if you want to share.  Happy Thanksgiving and may your blessings warm your heart this season.



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